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Greatest Foe (2021)

Greatest Foe is a dark comedy directed by Omar Radwin. 'Aspiring writer Frank, trying to find inspiration for his "big" project, finds himself travelling to a town where a really famous writer lived. He stays at a B&B, where his room is beside another writer, who seems to be there for the same reason, only his neighbour is one step ahead.'

The score predominantly focuses on sounds and texture - by recording and distorting both acoustic instruments and fragments of the sound design, a blur between the distinction of diegetic and non-diegetic sound occurs. This combined with erratic piano passages enhances the eerie ambience and mystery of the film.

To be released in 2022.

GF Poster.png
Poster for the short film Kilig - the image is of a woman looking down at the bouquet of flowers that she is holding.
Kilig (2021)

Kilig, directed by Darshan Gajjar, is a short drama film that takes place in the heart of a quiet English town. There, we follow Aurelia, a widowed Filipina. Lost in her grief on the anniversary of her husband’s death, she pays her respects and meets Emily, a local florist. In their transient, yet impactful exchange, Aurelia is brought to a crossroad: confront her lifelong guilt of a past relationship with a woman or succumb to it. The score takes a minimalist approach utilising gentle synthetic underscore and focusing on human voice and acoustic sounds as the films climax is met.

Beehive (2021)

Beehive, directed by Eve Andrews, is a short coming-of-age film that follows a trio of friends as the begin to drift apart as they progress through adolescence. Focusing on themes and harmony, the score is used to mirror the evolving relationship between the trio. The main theme titled Beehive is initially complete and unified, but slowly becomes more fractured and abstract as the story progresses.

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