Poster for the short film Kilig - the image is of a woman looking down at the bouquet of flowers that she is holding.
Kilig (2021)

Kilig, directed by Darshan Gajjar, is a short drama film that takes place in the heart of a quiet English town. There, we follow Aurelia, a widowed Filipina. Lost in her grief on the anniversary of her husband’s death, she pays her respects and meets Emily, a local florist. In their transient, yet impactful exchange, Aurelia is brought to a crossroad: confront her lifelong guilt of a past relationship with a woman or succumb to it. The score takes a minimalist approach, focusing on human voice as the films climax is met.


Hello! My name's Lauren and I'm a UK based composer for film and media.

My compositional style focuses on creating lush textural ambience that utilises both acoustic and synthetic sounds. I recently graduated from Leeds Conservatoire with a first-class honours BA degree in Film Music.


Some of my recent projects include working on a Brighter Sound film music residency with award-winning composer Laura Rossi, as well as writing for short film productions and library albums.



Greatest Foe (dir. Radwan) - 2021 TBC

Kilig (dir. Gajjar) - 2021

Beehive (dir. Andrews) - 2021 TBC

The Secret Garden (dir. Vickers) - 2020



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